Adult Problem Solving Group

Problem solvingFlipping the notion of a group on its head, this group is driven by you and your needs. Rather than experts letting you know what you need to learn (more social skills, eye contact!), you tell the group what problems you want to solve, and we all pitch in to identify solutions. Topics include friendship, dating, employment, living independently, the role of technology in time management and organization, loneliness, and sharing/understanding feelings.

How to sign up

Call me (970-391-9628) to sign up for the group.  Participants sign up for only one month at a time. We will meet four times during that month. If you love it, sign up again. If your schedule is full the next month, we will understand. Come back when you are ready.

What to expect

Be prepared with problems for us to solve, and use your cognitive flexibility and creativity to help us solve problems together. This group is co-led by a Psychologist and a Speech Language Pathologist, both with special training to meet the needs of folks on the spectrum.  Don’t worry if you can’t think of a problem the first day; we will help you!