Calling All Autism Spectrum friends and family members!

Image result for people walking awayMany of my clients have a diagnosis on the Autism spectrum, or are raising someone on the spectrum, or are the sibling of someone on the spectrum, or are married to someone on the spectrum. We have many, many Autistic folks living in our area, and no two folks with ASD are the same.

I would be honored to help you or your family members find strategies for success. The beauties of the ASD brain include the very diverse way of looking at the world, the passion found in favorite topics, and the honesty in expression. My favorite clients tend to have a bit (or a lot!) of the ASD thought process in them.

Finding ways to employ your neurodivergent talents to find fulfillment in life is imperative. Learning to navigate the  culture of neurotypicals can be helpful. We can work together (and with all the agencies in town and various other helpers) to find success for you.