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Books, movies, news articles related to mental health, including Autism, Asperger’s, Anxiety, and ADHD.

Years ago, a client suggested that I read John Elder Robison’s book Look Me in the Eye. Years later, I am now getting around to reading the more recent Be Different: Adventures of a Free-Range Aspergian by Robison.  If you have somehow not yet read these books, please begin! Robison continues to amaze me with […]

An ongoing discussion in my office relates to exercise, anxiety, self-confidence, and my insistence that my clients find balance in these areas.  I recently stumbled upon this great book: Mind/Body Techniques for Asperger’s Syndrome: The Way of the Pathfinder by Ron Rubio.  Mr. Rubio is a longtime dancer and has more than 20 years of […]

Drew Solender of Vassar College wrote a forthright and timely piece about living on the spectrum.  Drew indicates that he generally has not spoken about his experiences on the spectrum, but now sees that talking or writing about these experiences will likely promote understanding, tolerance, and acceptance of neurodiversity.  Drew offers various examples of how […]

When I meet with someone with autism spectrum disorder, I often ask the person about speech language services.  The typical response is “but I talk just fine!”  True, but how are your communication skills? This initial conversation presents a fantastic opportunity to discuss the role of speech language services, how we use language to communicate, […]

If you or your family member happens to live on the Autism Spectrum, you may find that you educate others about ASD frequently.  But how to capture the interpersonal confusion, the sensory overload, the special skills and interests, the need for solitude, and the need for friends?  You could spend hours talking to strangers in […]

Got an hour and a half?  Let Owen Suskind and his family share with you their movie Life, Animated.  Maybe get some tissues before you settle in.  Prepared to laugh, cry, fall in love, watch OWEN in love, and watch Owen launch. Also, maybe watch this with a friend, because you are going to want […]

Sesame Street is going to introduce Julia as a new character on Sesame Street.  Julia is a puppet with special drawing talents, and happens to have Autism.  While she has been introduced via books and digital offerings, Julia makes her debut on Sesame Street proper on April 10.  Of note, April is Autism Awareness Month, […]

About a year ago my friend and I started writing two books about living on the Autism Spectrum.  Since announcing our project, family and friends have been sending us resources, including my latest favorite: newspaper clippings about Dylan Volk and his father, Derek.  My mom was the first person to send information about the Volks, […]

A new book hits this market this week!  After a year of sleepless nights, Mallory Griffith and I present our first book, Raising a child on the autism spectrum: Insights from parents to parents. This tender and insightful book includes highly personal narratives from 24 families raising children on the autism spectrum.  Chapters cover the […]