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While we often talk about taking care of the person with autism, sometimes referencing the individual’s parents/impact on marriage, we often seem to “forget” the siblings.  We know that siblings can have mixed feelings about the impact of autism on the family.  Sometimes a sibling with autism is the most loyal playmate ever, but sometimes […]

When I was in grad school there were two books about Asperger’s.  I owned them both.  I still own them, as a reminder of how far we have come (and with the hope that we keep moving forward).  Now, I look for books about adults (remember when only kids could have Asperger’s?!), preferably written by […]

The rates of unemployment and underemployment for adults on the Autism Spectrum are staggeringly high.  It is estimated that 80-85% of all people on the spectrum are un- or underemployed, and 50% of individuals at the higher functioning end of the spectrum are un- or underemployed.  Ouch.  For my clients – 50%!  Can that possibly […]

As always, parents have the best suggestions.  A parenting team just suggested The Loving Push by Temple Grandin and Debra Moore, and they were right to suggest that I read this book.  This book will now be required reading for all parents with a child on the spectrum.  (Yes, this is now a rule.  Read […]

We are running a fun summer group for high school students, renewing my interest in tracking down resources for teens on the spectrum.  A book that has been highly recommended is Asperger’s Teens by Blythe Grossberg.  This very approachable book uses personal quizzes, is very positive, and appears to lead the way toward skill development […]

Clients have been asking about “magnet treatment” for Autism Spectrum Disorder.  One of the most readable accounts regarding Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is John Elder Robison’s Switched On:  A memoir of brain change and emotional awakening. This book is a delightful blend of “how does it work?” and “what does it do” as in, what […]

Quite regularly I receive requests for therapy for couples, where one person is on the autism spectrum, and the other is not.  Tricky business.  Generally, these requests come from couples who have been together for a long time: mature couples who deeply care about each other, but also couples who get pretty upset with each […]

Years ago, a client suggested that I read John Elder Robison’s book Look Me in the Eye. Years later, I am now getting around to reading the more recent Be Different: Adventures of a Free-Range Aspergian by Robison.  If you have somehow not yet read these books, please begin! Robison continues to amaze me with […]

An ongoing discussion in my office relates to exercise, anxiety, self-confidence, and my insistence that my clients find balance in these areas.  I recently stumbled upon this great book: Mind/Body Techniques for Asperger’s Syndrome: The Way of the Pathfinder by Ron Rubio.  Mr. Rubio is a longtime dancer and has more than 20 years of […]

Drew Solender of Vassar College wrote a forthright and timely piece about living on the spectrum.  Drew indicates that he generally has not spoken about his experiences on the spectrum, but now sees that talking or writing about these experiences will likely promote understanding, tolerance, and acceptance of neurodiversity.  Drew offers various examples of how […]