Please attend this supportive housing event!


Supportive housing is for that special developmental place between living at home and living a fully independent life (ha! fully independent! tell that to my mechanic!)

We have an emerging program here in Fort Collins for Supportive Housing.  The program, Belong, exists because there is a need.  You probably know, or are, someone who could benefit from supportive housing.

Let me offer an example: a 20 something person living at home because rents are too high, and also either working/going to college.  This person could learn some additional adulting skills, but honestly, it is getting hard to hear parental feedback and stay motivated. This is the ideal candidate: neurodiverse, motivated, and ready to learn some new adulting skills.

I have spent hours with the Belong folks and property owner.  Nice folks: grounded yet optimistic, gentle with encouraging prods, and connected to the community. And the best part for me: I’m not part of the program, so I can refer freely without ethical issues!!

Physically, the space is a 4-plex in a neighborhood in Fort Collins. Each unit has  2 bedrooms, which means the program maxes out at 8 participants, which ensures individualized services and the chance to form a tight-knit community.  Each unit has in-unit washer/dryer. One unit is getting renovated in preparation for Aug 2022.  AND there are 2 community rooms downstairs.

The OT team from CSU is fantastic, working with each participant to identify and reach personal goals.  The team is lead by an OT, and the point person meets with participants individually, as roommate dyads, and as a full group.  Goals have included food shopping and prep, time management, stress management, finding and keeping a job, getting along with a roommate, and so forth. This is what supportive housing is: support and finding your way.

Each participant signs a lease with the management company, and a separate contract from a menu of services for OT.  (I know, so individualized, right??)  Like most Fort Collins leases, the program runs from Aug 1-July 31. Time to get settled in before college classes start.

I strongly encourage you to attend the informational meeting on Feb 9th, in person or virtually.  Even if you think you aren’t ready (ahem, and my clients know who you are!!), attend anyhow so you can start thinking about this program, for later. You can attend the meeting without any obligation or pressure. Sign up by emailing Rebecca or visiting the Belong website.  So, see you there??