Dating on the spectrum, a 4 part series



Hi all,

Pre-pandemic, my colleagues hosted a 4-week dating seminar that was quite popular.  We have added colleagues since then, and revamped the dating seminar.

Although there is a short bio for each presenter, I’ll add links to their sites as well, to save you the google search!

Jennifer Cook is a new friend.  We met through her books, and have continued the conversation through texts, emails, and the occasional phone call.  She and I had a disastrous first Skype, which was entirely my fault (tech, pre-pandemic…I was even worse then, if you can imagine!!).  Back on task: Jennifer is  insightful, funny, and quite entertaining.  You will want to read her books, catch her seminar, and see if you can share her enthusiasm.

Dr. Lorna Hecker is our resident professor emeritus, author/editor of many books, and the go-to therapist for neurodiverse couples.  Smart as a whip and with a great sense of adventure, you will probably want to land in her office as your new dating skills flourish into a loooong relationship.

Dr. Sara Colorosa was introduced to us through a book connection as well!  We met with her over coffee one evening, and lured her to our team.  She has a PhD in Human Resources (what?! that exists??) which makes her a favorite resource for our community members who are trying to sort out vocational success.  And…of course, she has a passion for writing.

Dr. Carly Knauf was an accidental pandemic find, and thank goodness!  As she was wrapping up her post-doc, she asked to meet via Zoom to discuss the mental health scene in Fort Collins.  We quickly learned that we have common role models and mentors in life (yes, you, SH).  Once more, we asked a stranger/superhero to join our team, proving that we have excellent taste.

One last note about this dating series: if you are even thinking about signing up, just do it. Don’t let anxiety get the best of you.  Sign up, learn something new, find your confidence, and get out there (with a mask on, 6 feet apart, please!).  As you can see, you don’t even have to show up (thanks, anxiety!) to learn the skills.  But I think you will, indeed, want to show up.