Dating is a topic that has been hot, hot, hot in my office for weeks.  My young adult clients are seeking loving, genuine relationships based on common interests.  This can be a tricky relationship to build, particularly for my somewhat introverted, shy, anxious, home-centered clients. Here are some tips to help with the Dating Project. […]

Always on a quest for new books to help me understand my clients, I recently went hunting for new resources.   Sometimes “new” is a few years old, but “new to me” counts! In this case, I discovered the 2014 book Apertools: The Practical Guide for understanding and Embracing Asperger’s, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and Neurodiversity by […]

When opportunity knocks, you should probably answer the door.  A few months ago Dr. Teri Krakovich, founder of Autism Quality of Life, invited Mallory and me to do a podcast with her.  Naturally, my first thought was “Uh, no.” Anxiety alone has prevented me from doing many things, but now Mallory and I are responsible […]

As always, parents have the best suggestions.  A parenting team just suggested The Loving Push by Temple Grandin and Debra Moore, and they were right to suggest that I read this book.  This book will now be required reading for all parents with a child on the spectrum.  (Yes, this is now a rule.  Read […]

Changes are coming!   School starts in about a month, marking the end of the freedom of summer and the start of a more structured schedule.  While the transition back to school is generally an annual event, a bunch of my clients have a Big Change coming: the transition to High School or to College.  And […]

Middle and High School groups Understanding social media Knowing when and how to join a conversation Coping with problems Strategies to cope with social anxiety Organization and planning We are meeting in June and July on Wednesdays.  You are welcome to sign up for the 4 Wednesday in June, or July, or both!  $160/month Middle […]

The diagnosis was a complete surprise for all of us. My son is now 14 years old. How did we all miss the signs? CC was diagnosed with ADHD and anxiety disorder when he was 6 years old.  He was in first grade.  Since then, we have visited several psychiatrists and psychologists.  After several years […]

Drew Solender of Vassar College wrote a forthright and timely piece about living on the spectrum.  Drew indicates that he generally has not spoken about his experiences on the spectrum, but now sees that talking or writing about these experiences will likely promote understanding, tolerance, and acceptance of neurodiversity.  Drew offers various examples of how […]

When I meet with someone with autism spectrum disorder, I often ask the person about speech language services.  The typical response is “but I talk just fine!”  True, but how are your communication skills? This initial conversation presents a fantastic opportunity to discuss the role of speech language services, how we use language to communicate, […]

As noted in an earlier post, making an informed decision about seeking a formal diagnostic evaluation is a process.  As with any difficult decision, researching advantages and disadvantages makes sense.  Here are some ideas to ponder, as told to me by my clients over the years.   Advantages of a formal diagnostic evaluation Clarity in […]