I find myself referring families to CAYAC about 5-10 times a week these days.  Rather than try to explain what CAYAC is, I asked CAYAC to explain their services directly.  Below is a guest blog from the Connections team:   As Fort Collins is growing, it can be difficult to find the right mental health […]

There are so many controversial topics in autism: gluten, age of diagnosis, “where you are on the spectrum,” should America still have Asperger’s as a diagnosis, and whether or not the experience of living on the spectrum varies by gender. Increasingly, I am being asked, “Where are all the girls?” and “Do you think we […]

The journey from wondering if something is developmentally different with your child to becoming an informed advocate may feel daunting. Fortunately, Jan Starr Campito has written the exceptional book Supportive Parenting: Becoming an Advocate for Your Child with Special Needs. This book belongs in every pediatrician’s office. Supportive Parenting outlines the steps, both practical and […]

“Just ask your school to help.” While I love the sentiment (and the optimism) that a family can simply as the school to help their child, it is unfair to think that parents who are new the concept of Special Education supports can just step on to that treadmill and find immediate success.  We have […]

Psychologists and school teams often refer students for “an assessment” and then hand over some names and phone numbers.  Job done: parents have the info, and the referral has been made.  Easy, peasy, right?!  Recognizing the flaw in this approach, and the need to educate parents about the assessment (and reassessment!) process, The Organization for […]

When I was in grad school there were two books about Asperger’s.  I owned them both.  I still own them, as a reminder of how far we have come (and with the hope that we keep moving forward).  Now, I look for books about adults (remember when only kids could have Asperger’s?!), preferably written by […]

Clients have been asking about “magnet treatment” for Autism Spectrum Disorder.  One of the most readable accounts regarding Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is John Elder Robison’s Switched On:  A memoir of brain change and emotional awakening. This book is a delightful blend of “how does it work?” and “what does it do” as in, what […]

The diagnosis was a complete surprise for all of us. My son is now 14 years old. How did we all miss the signs? CC was diagnosed with ADHD and anxiety disorder when he was 6 years old.  He was in first grade.  Since then, we have visited several psychiatrists and psychologists.  After several years […]

When I meet with someone with autism spectrum disorder, I often ask the person about speech language services.  The typical response is “but I talk just fine!”  True, but how are your communication skills? This initial conversation presents a fantastic opportunity to discuss the role of speech language services, how we use language to communicate, […]