Practical solutions for people who struggle with Autism and Anxiety.

Welcome to My Practice

Want practical recommendations to improve your life, reduce your stress, or reach your current goals? Want to decrease feelings of anxiety or depression? Are you struggling to understand social cues, or struggling to connect with others?

I help individuals and families with ASD find new ways to manage stress and anxiety, reach personal goals, and improve communication.  I have worked with people on the Autism Spectrum and with Anxiety for more than 20 years, and I’m always ready to learn more. No matter what the problem seems to be (Anxiety, Autism,  ADHD, doesn’t matter – they all can create problems!), let’s work together to find practical solutions to improve communication, reduce your feelings of anxiety, and find solutions to your problems.

Conveniently located in Fort Collins, Colorado, in a comfortable, private location with parking (!) near CSU.

Let’s get your life back on track!

Diagnosis & Interventions

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Autism Spectrum Disorders

Our understanding of Autism and neurodiversity is changing rapidly, and thank goodness! While researchers and evaluators once had a very clear picture of what autism “looks like,” we are increasingly realizing that autism is far more diverse than we ever realized.

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Anxiety Disorders

When symptoms of anxiety are distressing, interfere with life tasks and sleep, and impact relationships, it’s generally time to seek treatment.  Counseling or therapy can help you sort out the helpful anxiety messages from the messages you don’t need to hear.

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ADHD is a disorder that impacts about 5% of children.  Increasingly, symptoms of ADHD are also being recognized in adults, and treatments are being crafted to address the symptoms. We can work together to reduce the stress and anxiety of having ADHD.


Frequently-asked Questions

I help clients manage their stress and anxiety, build skills, and form new perspectives.  I use a strengths-based approach, rather than the deficit model.  I am neurodiverse affirming.  (In other words, I will not try to make you un-autistic.  I will help you let your neurodiversity shine.) Learn more

While my practice is generally full, I continue to take the occasional client.  The best idea is to email or call me (970-391-9628) to see if we are a good match.  If someone can outperform me at helping you to reach your goals, I will provide names to you.

IF we are a good match, I will likely be able to get you scheduled within a week or so.

I currently charge $200 for a 45-minute appointment.  This rate is in line with other mental health professionals in our community.

Nope.  But if you want a formal diagnosis, I can suggest some providers who understand autistic adults and autistic females.

If you plan to use your out of network insurance benefits, you will need to have a diagnosis to justify the medical necessity of services.  You do not need a formal diagnostic evaluation to accomplish that goal.


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Raising a Child on the Autism Spectrum: Insights From Parents to Parents
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You’ve Got This!: The Journey from Middle School to College, as told by Students on the Autism Spectrum and Their Parents
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A Spectrum of Solutions for Clients with Autism