Book cover for Raising A Child On the Autism Spectrum

Raising a child on the autism spectrum: Insights from parents to parents by Mallory Griffith, MA, CCC-SLP, and Rachel Bédard, PhD

This tender and insightful book includes personal and touching narratives from 24 families raising children on the autism spectrum.  Chapters cover the major milestones of the ASD journey: securing a diagnosis, sharing the diagnosis with others and with their children, the good days, and the bad days.

Our reviewers said the following:

Raising a Child on the Autism Spectrum is ideal for parents of a newly diagnosed young child.  Parents of young adults on the spectrum share their experiences, feelings, and insights into raising their children.”
–Temple Grandin, author,The Way I See It and The Autistic Brain
“I loved reading this book.  The authors have compiled accounts from 24 parents of individuals on the autism spectrum beautifully and truthfully answering eight poignant questions about their experiences.  The questions include such topics as difficulties with diagnosis, telling your child and others about the diagnosis, and what parents wish someone had told them early in their journey. 
As a professional who has known, worked with, and cared for more than 100 families over 40 years, I would recommend this book to anyone living with or working with a child or adult on the spectrum.  The stories enlighten and educate.  They inspire and encourage. 
The book is very engaging and reads quickly which makes it perfect for sharing with extended family members.  It can also be used in parent groups, education courses, and other opportunities designed to increase the insight and understanding needed to effectively support families.  I will definitely recommend it!”
–Kari Dunn Buron, Autism Education Specialist, Author: The Incredible 5-Point Scale
“This book is an indispensable resource for any parent with a child on the autism spectrum, and for all of those grandparents, extended family, friends, and teachers who want to understand what the family is going through.  A collection of personal stories is woven together beautifully to convey the intensity, heartbreak, and joy of raising a child with ASD.  These stories described both the common thread and the individual reality, integrated in a way that brings out the shared experience of raising a child with ASD.  I cried and cried and laughed and laughed – and cried some more.  What an incredible road these families have traveled.  What a fantastic journey!”
–Lee A Rosén, PhD, Professor of Psychology, Colorado State University
“For those raising a child on the autism spectrum, this honest collection of stories will show you that you do not walk this path alone.  Those who work with the families are provided honest insight into the celebrations and struggles experienced along the path of raising a child on the autism spectrum.”
–Julie Clark, author, Asperger’s in Pink

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If you love the book, please write a review on Amazon and pass a copy along to your treatment team!  These are the stories of families on the spectrum, written by families on the spectrum.  As such, it is so important to Mallory and me that this book gets into the right hands.  Help us do that!