Licensed psychologists are highly trained individuals who have passed a national exam, and in Colorado, have passed the state exam. In most cases psychologists have an undergraduate degree as well as 5-7 years of graduate school training. We do not prescribe medication, but can consult with psychiatrists if medication is warranted. Learn more.

I currently charge $200 for a 45-minute appointment.  This rate is in line with other mental health professionals in our community.

Sadly, no, I do not take Medicaid.

If you have Medicaid, it is imperative that you work with a therapist who takes Medicaid.  The State of Colorado is very diligent about protecting clients who have Medicaid. Consequences of working with a non-Medicaid therapist include fines for the therapist, and sanctions for the patient, up to and including the loss of Medicaid benefits.

To find a therapist who takes Medicaid, I suggest working with the Health District.  For minors please contact CAYAC; for adults please contact Connections Mental Health.

I am not on any insurance panels, but you can use your Health Savings Account!

To work with me, you will need to pay for your services (maybe with your HSA), and then decide if you want to ask your insurance company to reimburse you.  You are encouraged to contact your insurance company to ask what they reimburse to you for out of network billing code 90834.

While my practice is generally full, I continue to take the occasional client.  The best idea is to email or call me (970-391-9628) to see if we are a good match.  If someone can outperform me at helping you to reach your goals, I will provide names to you.

IF we are a good match, I will likely be able to get you scheduled within a week or so.

I have THE BEST clients in town.  My clients tend to be ages 16+, smart, creative, and insightful.  They are also struggling with stress and anxiety, getting started on projects, and sometimes struggling to understand what others want from them.  My clients are often diagnosed with autism, or self-identify as autistic or neurodiverse.

I help clients manage their stress and anxiety, build skills, and form new perspectives.  I use a strengths-based approach, rather than the deficit model.  I am neurodiverse affirming.  (In other words, I will not try to make you un-autistic.  I will help you let your neurodiversity shine.)

Nope.  But if you want a formal diagnosis, I can suggest some providers who understand autistic adults and autistic females.

If you plan to use your out of network insurance benefits, you will need to have a diagnosis to justify the medical necessity of services.  You do not need a formal diagnostic evaluation to accomplish that goal.