Years ago, a client suggested that I read John Elder Robison’s book Look Me in the Eye. Years later, I am now getting around to reading the more recent Be Different: Adventures of a Free-Range Aspergian by Robison.  If you have somehow not yet read these books, please begin! Robison continues to amaze me with […]

An ongoing discussion in my office relates to exercise, anxiety, self-confidence, and my insistence that my clients find balance in these areas.  I recently stumbled upon this great book: Mind/Body Techniques for Asperger’s Syndrome: The Way of the Pathfinder by Ron Rubio.  Mr. Rubio is a longtime dancer and has more than 20 years of […]

Middle and High School groups Understanding social media Knowing when and how to join a conversation Coping with problems Strategies to cope with social anxiety Organization and planning We are meeting in June and July on Wednesdays.  You are welcome to sign up for the 4 Wednesday in June, or July, or both!  $160/month Middle […]

I’m always on the hunt for new resources for adolescents and adults on the spectrum.  Look at what arrived in my inbox: Autism Quality of Life!  You will want to check out this website, packed full of resources, links, and ideas.  Here is a quick summary: Dr. Teri Krakovich is a clinical psychologist and the […]

The diagnosis was a complete surprise for all of us. My son is now 14 years old. How did we all miss the signs? CC was diagnosed with ADHD and anxiety disorder when he was 6 years old.  He was in first grade.  Since then, we have visited several psychiatrists and psychologists.  After several years […]

Drew Solender of Vassar College wrote a forthright and timely piece about living on the spectrum.  Drew indicates that he generally has not spoken about his experiences on the spectrum, but now sees that talking or writing about these experiences will likely promote understanding, tolerance, and acceptance of neurodiversity.  Drew offers various examples of how […]

When I meet with someone with autism spectrum disorder, I often ask the person about speech language services.  The typical response is “but I talk just fine!”  True, but how are your communication skills? This initial conversation presents a fantastic opportunity to discuss the role of speech language services, how we use language to communicate, […]

On a recent Saturday I was wandering around the house, trying to get organized for the day.  The phone rang.  My child announced, “It’s Temple Grandin.  Did you want to get that?”  Uh, yeah. After a couple of deep breaths to steady myself from the shock and excitement, I answered the call from The Queen […]

If you or your family member happens to live on the Autism Spectrum, you may find that you educate others about ASD frequently.  But how to capture the interpersonal confusion, the sensory overload, the special skills and interests, the need for solitude, and the need for friends?  You could spend hours talking to strangers in […]

Hi all, the New York Times ran two fantastic pieces today re: the new Muppet with Autism, Julia.   As was noted in the article, it will be great when we just call her Julia, not Julia the Muppet with Autism.  Maybe we can start that today?