Navigating Sexuality in Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Thursday, March 18, 2021 10:00-11:30 AM MST Many individuals with ASD and their families have questions regarding gender identity, sexuality, and intimacy. While gender and sexuality are common topics to explore in adolescence, there are a number of misconceptions regarding how to best support teens with […]

Vogue business had this nice take on neurodiversity:   Nice to see some international leaders saying the same things my clients have been saying for years: businesses miss out on talent when they under-employ or fail to employ neurodiverse humans!

Most folks I know have done their fair share of wandering about the internet, trying to find good autism resources.  This article has been well received on LinkedIn, and is written by an internationally respected individual (and my friend), Michael John Carley.  Click the link to see which organizations he recommends.    

As many of you know, a handful of us write for Autism Parenting Magazine, an online publication intended for parents and providers. We are not compensated for the writing, but we do get that special thrill when our articles are published. The 2020 awards were just announced…and we have news. For a 2nd year, some […]

Check out this story about one of our colleagues! 16Dec, 2020 By Julissa Hernandez Kendal Nolan Kendal Nolan has continuously proven people wrong, showing that factors that many people would consider setbacks are actually her main motivators. “I have two disabilities, autism spectrum disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder – when I enrolled I hadn’t been […]

In the last month I’ve had multiple conversations with a variety of folks about service animals for folks with Autism.  Because my network is so awesome, they sent me a ton of links.  Here are just a few: Nathan Selove’s you tube channel: Becca Lory Hector’s previous interview with Different Brains: By the […]

Acting is another great way to connect with others, expand your social network, and get peer feedback.  See a 2nd email pasted below:   We offer a weekly (currently virtual) group-Actors Workshop -description below. Is your teen adolescent struggling with self-esteem, working through difficult feelings, and connecting with others? We invite your adolescent to join […]

Using a game, such as Dungeons and Dragons, is a great way to expand a social network, get peer feedback, and try out new social skills. Because we are all doing telehealth, my clients now have access to Denver providers…from their own homes. Yay!   This is pasted from an email from a colleague:   […]