Time to head to the grocery story: you need your list, money, keys…and mask, hand sanitizer, wipes…. Your heart pounds, the sweating starts, you are pretty sure you are having a heart attack and really don’t want to go to the hospital; you wonder if you might be going crazy.  Maybe going out isn’t even […]

 Got Art?  Want to showcase or sell your art?  Check out our new program, Artistic Strength. This blog post is written by a new team member, Taylor, who will be running our new Artistic Strength program this year. Hello all!  I hope you all are remaining safe and healthy as we work through quarantine.  We […]

The May 2020 edition of National Geographic has an outstanding article, Coming of Age with Autism, by Judith Newman and Lynn Johnson.  This article expertly captures the worries and joys of parenting young adults with autism, in both words and photographs. I’m going to be honest: National Geographic always has the best photographs, but sometimes […]

Announcing, another book!  A Spectrum of Solutions for Clients with Autism: Treatment for Adolescents and Adults edited by Dr. Rachel Bédard (me!) and Dr. Lorna Hecker.  This book has 45 chapters written by leaders in the field, which means the chapters are authored by professionals, people with ASD, and professionals with ASD (we do like […]

The loneliness has arrived. People were accustomed to the ease of access of friendships at work and school, and now find that they need to apply some effort to socializing during Covid 19.  While that effort can feel off putting at first (why do I have to work so hard to engage socially?!  It was […]

Friendship sure has been a topic of conversation of late! If we aren’t talking about germs, masks, recent stats, or financial payouts, then we are probably talking about the daily effects of Covid 19, impacts of the stay at home orders, loneliness, and friendship. Hey, friendship!  What a great topic. It fascinates me that my […]

The Autism Resource Fair was scheduled for Sunday April 19th.  David Finch, author of one of my favorite books, The Journal of Best Practices, was supposed to be a participant at this year’s fair, sharing his knowledge of marriage while on the spectrum.  While we can’t host Mr. Finch in Fort Collins this year (thank […]

I’m finding that the social and emotional experiences associated with the Covid 19 Stay at Home order are starting to change.  Initially, my clients reported to me a sense of relief: they don’t have to suffer the burden of social contact for 8 hours a day at school or work, they are more relaxed at […]

Life is different now, without my consent.  I have to be flexible, as do you. It feels as though everything has changed: school, grocery shopping, conducting our social lives, and therapy. We can do this.  We have been practicing being flexible, even if we didn’t notice our efforts. Here are some quick things to ponder: […]

Covid 19 has changed our lives in many ways, including Zoom appointments.  Here are some findings from last week: Many of my clients are less stressed over all. They enjoy being at home, no longer face pressure to attend school, work in academic groups, or get a job.  Any stress related to dating or group […]