The start of a new semester provides an opportunity for a fresh start.  I often hear, “This will be my best semester. Ever.” But when I ask about clear steps to make that happen, I don’t always like the response.  “I’ll try harder” is not going to work. Here are some ideas to help you […]

Parenting is hard. Parenting a child on the autism spectrum is even harder. Studies show that parents with children who have autism report clinical levels of stress due to ongoing therapies, doctor appointments, special education issues, and social needs of their children (Davis & Carter, 2008). High levels of parental stress are notably concerning as […]

Parents are often baffled about how to teach their youngsters (on and off the spectrum!) about health, hygiene, modesty, and the ever changing rules that go with growth and development (bathing with your sibling when you are 2 is cool; bathing with your sibling at 12…not so cool). A parent recently brought in a copy […]

“Just ask your school to help.” While I love the sentiment (and the optimism) that a family can simply as the school to help their child, it is unfair to think that parents who are new the concept of Special Education supports can just step on to that treadmill and find immediate success.  We have […]

When I was in graduate school, when dinosaurs roamed the earth, there was a great deal of emphasis placed on the childhood and education of youngsters with Autism.  This was the era when 18 year olds magically graduated from an ASD diagnosis to…what? Little attention was paid to adults on the spectrum, and what attention […]

Our book, Raising a Child on the Autism Spectrum, was placed on the NY City subway system on Dec 1, 2017!  Books on the Subway (BOTS) is a great program that places books available for reading on the subway, or to take home and read the books on your own couch.  The books can be […]

Psychologists and school teams often refer students for “an assessment” and then hand over some names and phone numbers.  Job done: parents have the info, and the referral has been made.  Easy, peasy, right?!  Recognizing the flaw in this approach, and the need to educate parents about the assessment (and reassessment!) process, The Organization for […]

While we often talk about taking care of the person with autism, sometimes referencing the individual’s parents/impact on marriage, we often seem to “forget” the siblings.  We know that siblings can have mixed feelings about the impact of autism on the family.  Sometimes a sibling with autism is the most loyal playmate ever, but sometimes […]

Parent Education Speaker Series The Child, Adolescent, and Young Adult Connections (CAYAC) team is holding dinner and education courses free of cost! Wednesday Nov 29, 5:30-6:30 AUTISM NIGHT   I’m the speaker!  I will discuss local treatment options for individuals living on the autism spectrum.  I have invited some local providers to answer questions after […]

Our last post was about balance.  Sometimes life gets out of balance when we have a specific task or developmental challenge.  Sometimes life gets out of balance when we have too much on our plates.  While some tasks can’t be outsourced easily (raising your own children! writing a term paper, ethically), sometimes we CAN pare […]