Acting is another great way to connect with others, expand your social network, and get peer feedback.  See a 2nd email pasted below:   We offer a weekly (currently virtual) group-Actors Workshop -description below. Is your teen adolescent struggling with self-esteem, working through difficult feelings, and connecting with others? We invite your adolescent to join […]

Using a game, such as Dungeons and Dragons, is a great way to expand a social network, get peer feedback, and try out new social skills. Because we are all doing telehealth, my clients now have access to Denver providers…from their own homes. Yay!   This is pasted from an email from a colleague:   […]

Hi all, I’m sharing an email that was forwarded to me.  I’m doing my part and sharing it with you.  There is a survey below, asking for your input about unmet needs.  Please help identify the priorities for this team.   Thanks!   Dear Council members,   Good afternoon. There is no substitute for the […]

Lots of people struggle to prioritize life events, or feel overwhelmed when they look at their task lists.  Some people struggle to get organized.  Others generate amazing (pronounced “overly long, overly detailed, exhausting) lists of what needs doing, but can’t seem to get started, while others struggle to make the list.  Finally, I hear that […]

While running on the snowy roads this morning, my friend mentioned this Ironman athlete.  Worth the time to surf the web to find additional links about Chris Nikic.

The Autism Society of Colorado invites you to join a new social & support group for Adults on the Spectrum! The group will be a space where adults age 30 and older can make positive connections during the time of Covid. We will meet on Zoom every Wednesday from 7 pm to 8 pm, beginning […]

Misophonia, that awful feeling/sensation when people eat around you…yep, it is real.  Read on:   See the prevailing theories of what causes misophonia and potential treatment options.

Hi all, My friend Jennifer Cook asked me to share this with you.  She answers the top 3 questions she is asked about the Autism Spectrum.  She has quite a bit to say, with lots of resources at her finger tips:)   I’ll paste her blurb for you: All around the world — from enormous […]

From the Children’s Speech and Reading Center     Join us on October 29th Dr. Grandin did not speak until she was age four and participated in speech-language therapy growing up. Today, she is a world renowned scientist, inventor, and expert on visual thinking and one of the world’s most accomplished and well-known adults with Autism. She […]