I often share my books with others.  I swung by the office this week and realized I haven’t seen these books in a while.  Any chance you have them at your place?  If so, could you please bring them back to me?  Thanks! Spectrum Women Living Well on the Spectrum Autism in Heels Socially Curious, […]

Hi all, I just learned about this today:  Autism Explained The week of Sept 21-25, Autism Explained has 25 speakers (75% with autism!!) providing information about Autism.  FREE.  BIG names in the field, important topics, and entire day dedicated to women and girls.  Sign up!  I’ll see you in the virtual crowd.    

FUN EVENTS THIS SEPTEMBER: Join us for all the fun, FREE, and exciting events we have scheduled for the month of September. We have taken classic games that you know and love and adapted them for the world of virtual entertainment. Don’t let social distancing keep you from experiencing the joys of coming together with […]

As Covid 19 continues to impact the ability to spend time together, it does not lessen the stress of being a parent of caregiver.  All parents need support.  The ARC is offering FREE online Zoom support groups for parents and caregivers.  Check out the options below.   Tuesday, Sept 15, 2020 7 – 8 PM […]

So many links!  I am lucky that parents and others send me links to great info about autism, resources, and opportunities.  Here are just a few resources from the month of August: Dwellability, housing for people with disabilities, by people with disabilities.   Voting matters! As I say to all my clients: I don’t […]

Ha!  I wrote this article for Autism Parenting Mag pre-Covid 19.  I bet my answers would be different now:)  What do you think??  When should your child get a job?

The new book is here!!! A Spectrum of Solutions is available at Routledge (20% discount!) or via Amazon.  The book is now a tangible reality.  Contributors have the books in their mailboxes. Once again, we thank the incredible team: A Spectrum of Solutions took 4 dozen people to write. That’s right: almost 50 writers were […]

In March I wrote two quick blog posts regarding friendship during Stay at Home orders. We are now in mid-July, watching Covid 19 numbers climb locally, and wondering about school in the fall.  Anxiety is on the rise, people are lonely, and friendship is, as always, a topic of conversation.  Please allow me to share […]

Lots of us are watching the news, watching the Covid-19 stats, and are aware of the brand new mask requirements in Colorado.  I’m also hearing about “Covid fatigue,” the sense that this pandemic is dragging on beyond our ability to manage ourselves, our social and emotional lives, and impacting school/work. Let’s take a moment to […]