Where, oh where, has my therapist been??

Hi all, my friends are building a barn! The materials arrived on 3 semi trucks on Nov 1st, and we finished installing the tongue and groove roof juuust prior to the snow this weekend. Still more to do (clearly!) but a successful November. Thank you for your patience.  I know I was slow to return […]

I have this love/hate, uncomfortable sensation to being an author/editor in the autism literary space.  On the one hand, I am not autistic, so it doesn’t seem right to have books about autism with my name on them.  On the other hand, I am talented at finding autistic folks to tell their stories so even […]

My colleague, Jan Campito, has finally (!) opened her coaching practice. I’ve known Jan for many years, having read her book, and then invited her to participate in one of our books.  She has a positive, realistic style, and is very well informed about neurodiversity. While I have been quietly sending her clients for years, […]

I was recently interviewed in Voyage Denver.  Since I mentioned, YOU, my clients, it seems appropriate to share the link!  One of the questions was about RISKS, and you know how risk averse I am!!    

Autism Language Use Study Are you autistic, or a parent/caregiver of a person on the autism spectrum, or a professional who works with autistic people? We want to hear from you! Our team of autistic and neurodivergent researchers is recruiting for a short, online survey about words and phrases used when talking about autism. We […]

I am committed to helping others avoid burnout.  And…I am now modeling avoiding burnout!  I am going to be out of the office from September 7-14.  As I’ve been telling folks, “my flights are scheduled” for the 7th and 14th; please be patient with me if the flights don’t go as planned. While out of […]