For those of you who visit the office, you are probably aware that there is a team of writers in Fort Collins that contributes to the international publication Autism Parenting Magazine.  The most recent edition was released last week, including awards for two of the Fort Collins contributors! Here is a little excerpt from the […]

There is possibly no question in the life of a therapist that will bring more disappointment, discomfort, or a faster end to a conversation than, “Do you take Medicaid?” Here is a quick primer on the Medicaid situation in Fort Collins.  I’m open to corrections, but I think I have this info in its most […]

Sidestepping the whole “meaning of Thanksgiving” quandary, I do want to take a moment to express gratitude for some professional accomplishments this year.  One year ago I was prone, recovering from Salmonella poisoning (poisoning? Infection? Ridiculousness??).  In any event, I was pretty sick, plotting out a book, and working on timelines for the office renovation. […]

Following a whirlwind of activity, we are now settling in at the new office.  We worked hard for a month, ripping our carpet and trim, painting, installing new flooring and trim, and then moving our furniture to the new space.  We think you will like your experience here. A heartfelt thank you to my office […]

Exciting news!  We are moving to a new location in Fort Collins in 2019! First, a quick thank you for Uncommon in Fort Collins for hosting us these past 16 months.  I really love my office at Uncommon: the morning sunshine, the heating and cooling system actually works (!), and the flex space and the […]

Our first ever book signing will be on Saturday April 7th Join us at Barnes and Noble on South College in Fort Collins from 1-4 pm   Come see us demonstrate our brand new book signing skills – should be great!  

A substantial change is occurring in the autism community, whereby we are moving away from the deficit model (can’t make eye contact, can’t start a conversation, can’t get organized) to a success model (creative thinker, unusual problem solving skills).  Behold Rethinking Autism: From Social Awkwardness to Social Creativity. This well written article in the Behavioral […]

April is Autism Awareness Month.  Get your calendar full for April 2018 with Fort Collins events.  Here are two events to get you started, with more events being in the works! Saturday April 7th Barnes and Noble Book signing for local authors 1-4 pm in Fort Collins Mallory and I will be available to sign […]

The Child, Adolescent, and Young Adult Connections (CAYAC) team is hosting FREE education and dinner on Wednesday evenings.  Classes are held at the Health District, 120 Bristlecone Dr in Fort Collins from 5:30-6:30.  To reserve your space, please contact Brian at   Here is a sample of their offerings: Nov 1: Teen sexuality Nov […]

We are moving on August 17. If your appointment is prior to August 17, be mentally prepared: the office looks a bit different. You will be just fine!  Breathe!  You got this: still just us having a conversation, sorting out life’s problems.  The furniture doesn’t matter!   If your appointment is after August 17, please […]