While many of us would like to think we have solid communication skills, I sometimes find myself asking, “What are you talking about??”  When I’m stumbling in conversation, I know I have to do something to address the problems. We all experience those uncomfortable reminders to “fix” a conversation.  But how??  We can start by […]

Remember that song from Sesame Street, Cooperation? That song was running through my head as I was busy procrastinating this week, and using my time to change the lyrics of the song to “Procrastination makes nothing happen….” Imagine this: I was asked to do a mini-presentation for a friendly audience.  I said yes, and then made […]

Where, oh where, has my therapist been??

Hi all, my friends are building a barn! The materials arrived on 3 semi trucks on Nov 1st, and we finished installing the tongue and groove roof juuust prior to the snow this weekend. Still more to do (clearly!) but a successful November. Thank you for your patience.  I know I was slow to return […]

My colleague, Jan Campito, has finally (!) opened her coaching practice. I’ve known Jan for many years, having read her book, and then invited her to participate in one of our books.  She has a positive, realistic style, and is very well informed about neurodiversity. While I have been quietly sending her clients for years, […]

I was recently interviewed in Voyage Denver.  Since I mentioned, YOU, my clients, it seems appropriate to share the link!  One of the questions was about RISKS, and you know how risk averse I am!!    

I am committed to helping others avoid burnout.  And…I am now modeling avoiding burnout!  I am going to be out of the office from September 7-14.  As I’ve been telling folks, “my flights are scheduled” for the 7th and 14th; please be patient with me if the flights don’t go as planned. While out of […]

Lorna and I met on Craigslist.  Our group needed an office mate, and Lorna, having just moved to Fort Collins, responded to an ad, calling me on my day off.  We arranged a time to tour the office a few hours after the phone call.  While on the phone with Lorna, I googled “Lorna Hecker” […]