Is Coaching for you??

My colleague, Jan Campito, has finally (!) opened her coaching practice.

Jan Campito, M.S, M.Phil offers specialized coaching services in Upstate New York.

I’ve known Jan for many years, having read her book, and then invited her to participate in one of our books.  She has a positive, realistic style, and is very well informed about neurodiversity. While I have been quietly sending her clients for years, she is now ready for the Colorado flood gates to open.

Sometimes folks are confused about the difference between coaching and psychotherapy.  Jan describes coaching as follows, “Coaching is supported, individualized, practical work with an ally on goals that are important to you.  Coaching is collaborative solution-building to create more of the life you want for yourself.

Coaching differs from psychotherapy in a few key ways, including, “Therapy is a medical service, provided by a licensed psychologist or social worker to address mental health and wellness concerns. Coaching is much more practical and strategic in nature, addressing personal goals and concerns in daily life.”

Coaching involves identifying some clear goals, some steps to get there, and Jan as your ally as you experience both setbacks and success.

Considering coaching as a service that would benefit you? Give Jan a call or contact her through her website!

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