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Changes are coming!   School starts in about a month, marking the end of the freedom of summer and the start of a more structured schedule.  While the transition back to school is generally an annual event, a bunch of my clients have a Big Change coming: the transition to High School or to College.  And […]

I frequently hear clients talking about life events that somehow, by the end of the discussion, have become life and death, make it or break it moments. For example, a student might struggle with a singular exam question (later admitted to perhaps be a poorly worded question), and then the student quickly decides that he […]

A few years ago we had a nasty winter. Nobody could seem to scrape their windshields properly, and on this school morning, I was no exception. While stopped at a red light, the woman in front of me popped out of her car, scraped my windshield some more with her awesome scraper, stating, “I have […]

People with Anxiety worry. A lot. My clients are experts in worry, as they spend many hours a day worrying about things that have happened, might happen, or might never happen. They often feel powerless to change their worrying ways, try to map out multiple outcomes, and attempt to control the uncontrollable via worry. Anxiety […]

Anxiety. Even the word makes me cringe a little. Anxiety is that voice in your head that tells you It Is as bad as you feared, maybe even worse. It is the signals your body sends: the increased heart rate, the difficulty breathing, the tense muscles, the stomachaches (and then your mind adding some tidbits […]