Book cover - A Spectrum of Solutions for Clients With Autism

A Spectrum of Solutions for Clients with Autism – Treatment for Adolescents and Adults By Rachel Bédard, PhD and Lorna Hecker

This book is a comprehensive resource to guide work with individuals on the autism spectrum. It reflects the true range of needs presented by individuals with autism, pulling together the most salient aspects of treatment with invaluable information from several disciplines synthesized to guide your work.

Divided into topical sections with chapters from three field experts in each, this book features contributions from therapists, educators, and medical doctors, as well as financial planners, health advocates, and innovators. The diverse disciplines and backgrounds of each author lend a different voice and perspective to each chapter, reflecting the continuum of care necessary when working with clientele on the Autism Spectrum, and that, for patients on the spectrum, one solution does not fit all.

For use by counselors, applied behavioral analysts, occupational therapists, social workers, teachers, and more, this text presents readers with expertise from various contributing disciplines to give them a treatment resource that can guide their daily work.