My Therapy Space
My Therapy Space

Licensed psychologists are highly trained individuals who have passed a national exam, and in Colorado, have passed the state exam. In most cases psychologists have an undergraduate degree as well as 5-7 years of graduate school training. We do not prescribe medication, but can consult with psychiatrists if medication is warranted.

Why work with me?

If we choose to work together, you will likely think things such as, “I’ve never thought of my problem like that before!” or “I can do this!” or “I didn’t know people laughed in therapy.”

I like people. I am genuinely curious about how people work, why they think and do the things they do, and that curiosity shows. If I don’t understand something you are telling me, I will ask you to explain it to me again, until I get it. I will suggest other resources in the community that might be a good match, in addition to what we are doing together. If we are not the best match therapeutically, I will suggest other people you might want to talk to.

I have worked with a variety of individuals and presenting problems while in training, and can help most folks feel better. You’ll be the expert on your experiences, and I’ll provide guidance on what the research says works, and we’ll get you in a better place shortly.

As a psychologist, I help people decrease stress, set individualized goals, and find resources to promote success.  I can help you talk about your feelings and what to do with them.  We can sort out social communication puzzles and build better social skills.

My favorite clients tend to struggle with anxiety and/or have autism/are neurodivergent.  Together we celebrate that diversity, appreciate new ways of thinking, and promote success.


I am a graduate of Colorado State University’s Counseling Psychology Doctoral Program. This rigorous program accepts roughly 1-3% of applicants. I have worked in school systems, in community mental health settings, and in a forensic psychology practice. I taught at the New Hampshire Institute of Art and at Colorado State University. I provided clinical supervision to graduate students as they progressed through the doctoral program. And, of course, I have a current Colorado license.