While many of us would like to think we have solid communication skills, I sometimes find myself asking, “What are you talking about??”  When I’m stumbling in conversation, I know I have to do something to address the problems. We all experience those uncomfortable reminders to “fix” a conversation.  But how??  We can start by […]

Lots of people struggle to prioritize life events, or feel overwhelmed when they look at their task lists.  Some people struggle to get organized.  Others generate amazing (pronounced “overly long, overly detailed, exhausting) lists of what needs doing, but can’t seem to get started, while others struggle to make the list.  Finally, I hear that […]

In March I wrote two quick blog posts regarding friendship during Stay at Home orders. We are now in mid-July, watching Covid 19 numbers climb locally, and wondering about school in the fall.  Anxiety is on the rise, people are lonely, and friendship is, as always, a topic of conversation.  Please allow me to share […]

Lots of us are watching the news, watching the Covid-19 stats, and are aware of the brand new mask requirements in Colorado.  I’m also hearing about “Covid fatigue,” the sense that this pandemic is dragging on beyond our ability to manage ourselves, our social and emotional lives, and impacting school/work. Let’s take a moment to […]

The loneliness has arrived. People were accustomed to the ease of access of friendships at work and school, and now find that they need to apply some effort to socializing during Covid 19.  While that effort can feel off putting at first (why do I have to work so hard to engage socially?!  It was […]

Friendship sure has been a topic of conversation of late! If we aren’t talking about germs, masks, recent stats, or financial payouts, then we are probably talking about the daily effects of Covid 19, impacts of the stay at home orders, loneliness, and friendship. Hey, friendship!  What a great topic. It fascinates me that my […]

I’m finding that the social and emotional experiences associated with the Covid 19 Stay at Home order are starting to change.  Initially, my clients reported to me a sense of relief: they don’t have to suffer the burden of social contact for 8 hours a day at school or work, they are more relaxed at […]

Life is different now, without my consent.  I have to be flexible, as do you. It feels as though everything has changed: school, grocery shopping, conducting our social lives, and therapy. We can do this.  We have been practicing being flexible, even if we didn’t notice our efforts. Here are some quick things to ponder: […]