When you have a child who struggles with language, how do you help them structure the day?  How do you communicate the impact of choices in a meaningful way? You could use a picture schedule, but what to do if you are in the middle of Target and you don’t have enough options in your […]

Ah, spring break!  What a lovely time to kick your feet up, relax, sneak in a nap, and rejuvenate for the second half of the semester.  Happily you have weeks and weeks to get your academic work done.  Chill! Or not.  This is a great time to dust off your syllabi, grab your calendar, and […]

The start of a new semester provides an opportunity for a fresh start.  I often hear, “This will be my best semester. Ever.” But when I ask about clear steps to make that happen, I don’t always like the response.  “I’ll try harder” is not going to work. Here are some ideas to help you […]

Our last post was about balance.  Sometimes life gets out of balance when we have a specific task or developmental challenge.  Sometimes life gets out of balance when we have too much on our plates.  While some tasks can’t be outsourced easily (raising your own children! writing a term paper, ethically), sometimes we CAN pare […]

Life requires balance, in a variety of ways.  We need to balance work and play, what we eat, what we do with our free time, how we socialize, and so forth. In what ways are your life in balance, or maybe needing a tune up? Ponder for a moment what balance feels like to you.  […]

Still thinking about moving out and spreading your adult wings?  Great! Part of adulthood is knowing what you want/need, and then figuring out how to go about getting those things. Self-knowledge and asking for what you need is called self-advocacy.  Your parents advocated for you when you were younger, but now it is your turn.  […]

Freedom! You are ready to move out! You can watch tv whenever you want, eat what you want, sleep in!  Yes! Also, you get to pay bills, get yourself to school or work on time, and figure out a schedule that works for you.  Learning the skills you need in adulthood probably starts earlier than […]

The beginning of every semester is a time for excitement and optimism.  “This will be my best semester, ever!”  There are new pens, new backpacks, and fresh faces to meet. The first week of school is generally awesome. Now that we are a few weeks into the semester, this is a great time to check […]

If you are a parent, you might be counting down the days/weeks until school resumes.  If you are a student, you might be savoring these last days of summer.  You can savor and prep at the same time! Last week’s blog post was about getting your items organized for school.  This week’s focus is getting […]

Even though we are in the midst of the hot days of summer, it is already time to get some folks ready for school.  As I was informed earlier this week, some schools start as early as Aug 10th!  This alarming bit of data prompted a great discussion about school readiness and transitions. How will […]