Struggling to get organized? Try these hacks

Lots of people struggle to prioritize life events, or feel overwhelmed when they look at their task lists.  Some people struggle to get organized.  Others generate amazing (pronounced “overly long, overly detailed, exhausting) lists of what needs doing, but can’t seem to get started, while others struggle to make the list.  Finally, I hear that identifying priorities is a challenge.

Here are a few strategies and some links to get you started:

2×2 matrix –

Some folks like the 2×2 as a means to sort out priorities, make every task have a place (including leisure!), and to help organize tasks into now/not now.  Here are some matrices that you might like, with links following the visual matrix.


Combine boards/Kanban approach

Maybe the 2×2 isn’t for you.  No problem.  Perhaps you like the visual appeal of 3 columns (to do, doing, done). Note: I’ve heard that limiting yourself to 1-3 items in the In Progress column is key!  Your tasks might include laundry, exercise, call a friend, math hw, study for a test, order groceries.

Other visuals and more info can be found:


Try these things out, see what works for you, and lessen your stress regarding “getting organized” and “getting started.”  Bonus points if you can do this with kindness toward yourself.


Final note, I’m not endorsing any of these products…there are just easy links I could find with my spare 10 minutes.  Writing blog posts belongs in one of those columns…moving toward DONE!

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