Meet me at the World Autism Conference

How lucky are we??  The World Autism Conference is coming to LOVELAND, Colorado!!  See you Dec 1-3 in Loveland!

The opening night includes a screening of An Open Door, a documentary about Dr. Grandin, and features my bff and her teen! 

The lineup of speakers includes Dr. Attwood, Dr. Grandin, Dr. Shore, amongst dozens of other thought leaders and researchers.  Special emphasis was placed on securing autistic speakers, not just researchers. The hardest part will be deciding which breakout sessions to attend, with the opportunity cost of missing something else.  ALL the sessions look amazing.

This is our opportunity to immerse ourselves in the best and the brightest ideas around the globe, increasing understanding and broadening our sense of what we think we know about autism. I’m prepared to have my mind blown.

If you are going to the World Autism Conference and you are my client/client’s family, please let me know!!  I want to devise a strategy where you feel supported, AND we keep our boundaries.  I don’t want you worrying about dynamics, so a simple/recurrent conversation about what we think we want to do would be fantastic.  We will all have an individual plan for these 3 days😊

See you there!!

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