Getting your child to adulthood can feel overwhelming. Your child may also be struggling with the tasks of adulting.  While this can be stressful, the stress is not a necessary component of adulting. Join us for FREE at the virtual parenting meeting at the ARC of Larimer County on May 27th from 7-8 pm.  You […]

In talking with my therapist friends, it is clear that our practices are all full, full, full.  Rather than having potential clients calling 10 therapists and wait for return calls, I offer the following resources:   If you live in Larimer County: If you are an adult, on your own, not a dependent, please call […]

Fun fact: I posted this waaay too early and now have more info to share:) Please note, the graphic WILL be updated to correct typos and such.  AND I’ll update you here when I’ve updated things (ahem, last updated 4/13 at 6:30 pm, and then again at 7:30pm). The Fort Collins Autism Resource will be […]

Able accounts are saving accounts for populations of people with disabilities.  They help you save money without losing your federal benefits such as SSI and Medicaid. Do you qualify for an ABLE account? Get $50 the month of April when you open a ColoradoABLE account. Eligibility: -Eligible for ColoradoABLE account -US citizen and Colorado resident […]

On this bright, shiny, blue sky day, I offer a list of gratitude for the ASC groups (sponsored by a nice run and caffeine): I am so appreciative that the Autism Society of Colorado (ASC) is offering FREE groups for adults on the spectrum. The groups were so popular that they had to split into […]

In August 2021, the Center for Community Partnerships (CCP) will roll out Belong, a supportive housing opportunity.  Join the virtual audience on March 24th at 6pm to learn more information about the Belong program.  To register, email Rebecca Reinhardt at Some basics of the program: CCP has secured access to a 4plex, each with […]

(I am copying this from an email.  I did not write any of it.)   Are you a parent of a child on the autism spectrum? Does your child receive Speech-Language Therapy and Behavioral/ABA Therapy? You will receive a book or a toy worth $40 for participation in the survey and interview. Research Study: Parents’ […]

(I’m pasting from the email I received. I wrote none of this myself.) Free Webinar! Transition Age Youth:  High Expectations for Employment Wednesday, March 10, 2021 10:00-11:30 AM MST   The Colorado Office of Employment First (COEF) team will present on the importance of having high expectations of employment for young adults with disabilities. The […]

Best known for his work with ADHD, Dr. LaCount has moved to Fort Collins and opened a private practice.  He is very involved with research and treatment, closely tying interventions to best practices and science.  He can help you with your ADHD needs: evaluation, treatment, consultation, and program creation. Dr. LaCount was recently mentioned in […]