Time to head to the grocery story: you need your list, money, keys…and mask, hand sanitizer, wipes…. Your heart pounds, the sweating starts, you are pretty sure you are having a heart attack and really don’t want to go to the hospital; you wonder if you might be going crazy.  Maybe going out isn’t even […]

The Autism Resource Fair was scheduled for Sunday April 19th.  David Finch, author of one of my favorite books, The Journal of Best Practices, was supposed to be a participant at this year’s fair, sharing his knowledge of marriage while on the spectrum.  While we can’t host Mr. Finch in Fort Collins this year (thank […]

A recent study indicates that friendship improves your life in numerous ways, including boosting your immune system, sleep, cognitive health, and cardiovascular health.  (I keep telling my clients to exercise, but now I want them to exercise with friends!) The study indicates that 4 friends is roughly the right number.  Sadly, many of my clients […]

Planning for the spring season is well under way.  Please save the dates for the following events: Mon March 9th, Transition event with the Poudre School District FREE Boltz Middle school 6pm Fri March 27th, ARC Film Festival Held at the Lory Student Center at CSU 6-8 pm Absolutely worth the price of admission […]

Poudre School District’s Integrated Services will be hosting a Transition Series.  The next event is Mon March 9th at 6pm at Boltz Middle School.  The Transition Series has invited me to give a 30 minute presentation about transitioning to adulthood, moving from being a high school student to … well, whatever comes next! The next […]

There is possibly no question in the life of a therapist that will bring more disappointment, discomfort, or a faster end to a conversation than, “Do you take Medicaid?” Here is a quick primer on the Medicaid situation in Fort Collins.  I’m open to corrections, but I think I have this info in its most […]

We have several new groups starting in January, with groups designed to match the best aspects of our other, very popular groups. New groups For Teens Spectra-Teens, starting January 22, 4:40-5:30 pm – This group provides support to high schoolers on the autism spectrum and gifted/talented, with topics derived by group member’s needs and interests such […]

If you know Autism, you know Social Stories by Carol Gray.  She has written more social stories than can be counted, helping people with autism understand the world around them, providing reassurance, and educating folks about how to move forward in life.  (For a quick primer on Carol, see her website Now Carol has […]