Belong: Supportive Housing for YOU

The Belong program is a fantastic resource for neurodivergent Supportive Housing in Fort Collins, CO. Supportive Housing meets the needs found in that developmental space between living with your parents and living 100% on your own. Typically, living with parents seems to come with a built-in meal plan, easy access to laundry, paid utilities, etc.  […]

Autism Language Use Study Are you autistic, or a parent/caregiver of a person on the autism spectrum, or a professional who works with autistic people? We want to hear from you! Our team of autistic and neurodivergent researchers is recruiting for a short, online survey about words and phrases used when talking about autism. We […]

This info about a social support group for young adults was in my inbox this morning. While I don’t know Max and Nick, the group was recommended by someone I respect.  Further, I LOVE Valerie Gaus’s book, Living Well on the Spectrum. (Actually, my copy is missing, so if you have it, perhaps you could […]

The phrase Autistic Burnout has been making the rounds.  While not a condition that we can technically diagnose, as CAN recognize it as a genuine experience, and find solutions.  Check out this article