Friendship during Covid 19: Reboot

In March I wrote two quick blog posts regarding friendship during Stay at Home orders.

We are now in mid-July, watching Covid 19 numbers climb locally, and wondering about school in the fall.  Anxiety is on the rise, people are lonely, and friendship is, as always, a topic of conversation.  Please allow me to share what my friends said this week:

  • I mostly socialized at work. I didn’t even notice that.  Now that we are a few months into this, I really need to get some non-work friends!
    • Good idea! You can either circle back to your “old” friends, or continue to expand your social network via online things (hobbies, tv shows) or outside things (picnics, bike rides, walks).  You actually know what to do, you just have to do it….ahem, see below.
  • I haven’t contacted my friends since MARCH! I can’t text them now.  They must think (insert something awful here).
    • Sure.  You actually can text them.  One of my friends sent me a text this month.  We calculated how long it has been since we saw each other in person.  We estimate 4 years!  Soooo, send that text.  Your friends will probably text you back.
  • I kinda want to try some online socializing and explore a hobby.
    • YES! Please do that.  Try a meet up group (outdoors, or virtually), or https://www.aane.org/events/.  There is a ton of stuff available, you just need to make an attempt.  On that note…
  • I’m such a slug! I haven’t done anything.  I’ll have nothing to say!
    • Right-o. There is always something to talk about. Scan the headlines (weather, Covid 19, politics, school starting/not…those things are always in the news, but know your audience, obviously!) or connect via hobbies, pets, or children!

People are social creatures.  Most people want conversations and relationships to go well.  Bank on that, and text your friends!  And if you are very brave, maybe talk on the phone or at the park!

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