Covid Fatigue. Are you tired of this pandemic?

Lots of us are watching the news, watching the Covid-19 stats, and are aware of the brand new mask requirements in Colorado.  I’m also hearing about “Covid fatigue,” the sense that this pandemic is dragging on beyond our ability to manage ourselves, our social and emotional lives, and impacting school/work. Let’s take a moment to reflect and make a plan to combat Covid fatigue and start living life.

  • How are you doing? Like, really doing?  I’m hearing mixed responses: some are living our best lives ever, because social pressure is down.  Others of us are lonely, anxious about the new stats, uncertain what is next.  Figure it out for yourself: honestly, how are you.
  • What are your current goals and expectations?
    • Are you expecting reasonable things from yourself?
    • Are you holding yourself to pre-covid standards?
      • For example, I used to work certain days of the week because I shared an office. Once I moved to telehealth, I tried to keep that schedule. Dumb! I’m actually more comfortable working different days of the week.  Who knew?!  By being flexible with my schedule, my life was more balanced.
    • Are your goals reasonable?
    • What do you WANT? What makes you happy?
      • I’ve heard some great things about the opportunity to exercise, practice yoga, socialize in new ways, time for hobbies, adjusted sleep schedules.
      • What makes YOU happy? Are you doing those things? If not, why not?  What is in the way of your happiness?
    • Are your expectations accidentally courting anxiety?
      • Are you expecting doom? To get infected? Fear of passing Covid along?
      • Some cautions are appropriate. (I’m actually super cautious.)  But if you are following directions, reducing risks, etc., then check yourself on the volume of perseverative worry.  Some worry is good.  All the worry in the universe isn’t so good.  The volume of worry does not actually change the outcome. (And yes, a healthy amount of fear keeps us safe.)
    • So, ponder, what do you want your goals to be for the next month or so? (Geez, do a week if that feels better! Sometimes I just think of goals for the DAY.)
      • Can you engage in those activities that make your life better?
      • Can you avoid the things that make your life worse (excessive drinking, excessive worry, probably excessive anything)?

Be well. Check yourself.  And if you need help, I’m here for you!



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