A Spectrum of Solutions

The new book is here!!! A Spectrum of Solutions is available at Routledge (20% discount!) or via Amazon.  The book is now a tangible reality.  Contributors have the books in their mailboxes.

Once again, we thank the incredible team: A Spectrum of Solutions took 4 dozen people to write. That’s right: almost 50 writers were involved to create this go-to, must have book.  Some of the contributors you will readily recognize as international superstars (Tony Attwood, Temple Grandin, Marilyn Monteiro, Valerie Gaus, David Finch), some writers represent local talent (Mallory Griffith, Emily Daniels, Sara Colorosa, Susan Hepburn, Aaron Meng), and some you have not yet heard of, but will never forget (Cynthia Zuber, R. Vicente Rubio).  See where science and narrative meet, learn practical strategies, feel the support come through the pages, and savor the wisdom that is packed into this book.

Many thanks to Lorna Hecker, the co-editor.  We haggled repeatedly about authorship on this book.  I continue to believe that her name should be listed first.  She believes mine should be first.  I lost the argument.  (If you know me, I don’t argue often, and when I do, I win.  I lost.  Write that one down.  Lorna is the queen.)  In any event, this book would not exist if not for Lorna, so mentally put her as first author.

This is my last book.  I promised my family to stop after this.  (Honestly, there was so.much.whining on my part about less preferred tasks and timelines that I cannot subject my family and friends to that ever again.  I do indeed have the patience of a lit match.)  You, however, may have a book in you.  If that is the case, please start writing!  The world needs diverse voices to help the rest of us understand your life experiences.  Please, teach us. If I can point you in the right direction, please contact me.  I will.not.write another book, but I can help you reach your goals!!





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