Ft Collins Autism Resource Fair was awesome!!

The Resource Fair was this weekend, and was lovely????  The Discovery Museum hosted the fair once more, and the fair was given a larger space than in years past. The Museum staff was attentive, making great choices ahead of the fair, and then making in-the-moment changes and requests to make the fair even better that day.

ALL props to Emily Daniels for organizing this Resource Fair, singlehandedly, once more!  Emily invited a balanced blend of local providers and speakers.  Dr. Grandin was a hit, as always.  Emily Roberts also gave a presentation that was well received (YAY ER!!).  And…did you see the Furries??  They MADE those costumes!!

Welcome to the folks from out of town.  We have some new families, AND we had some providers from the Denver area who drove up here to see how Fort Collins is supporting the needs of our autistic folks.

If you didn’t make it to the fair, you can find much of the information at the FCASD.org website.

If you didn’t have a chance to offer feedback, I know Emily and the museum crew were very much wanting to hear about what they got right, room for improvement, and fresh ideas.  If you have feedback, please share it!!  We all grow when we receive feedback, and Emily Daniels and the Discovery Museum are actively asking for feedback. (If you are too shy to share the feedback with Emily, email it to me, and I’ll anonymously get it to Emily.)

Once again, GREAT JOB Emily Daniels!  You created an amazing event again this year.

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