Autism Language Use Study Are you autistic, or a parent/caregiver of a person on the autism spectrum, or a professional who works with autistic people? We want to hear from you! Our team of autistic and neurodivergent researchers is recruiting for a short, online survey about words and phrases used when talking about autism. We […]

I am committed to helping others avoid burnout.  And…I am now modeling avoiding burnout!  I am going to be out of the office from September 7-14.  As I’ve been telling folks, “my flights are scheduled” for the 7th and 14th; please be patient with me if the flights don’t go as planned. While out of […]

Lorna and I met on Craigslist.  Our group needed an office mate, and Lorna, having just moved to Fort Collins, responded to an ad, calling me on my day off.  We arranged a time to tour the office a few hours after the phone call.  While on the phone with Lorna, I googled “Lorna Hecker” […]