This info about a social support group for young adults was in my inbox this morning. While I don’t know Max and Nick, the group was recommended by someone I respect.  Further, I LOVE Valerie Gaus’s book, Living Well on the Spectrum. (Actually, my copy is missing, so if you have it, perhaps you could […]

The phrase Autistic Burnout has been making the rounds.  While not a condition that we can technically diagnose, as CAN recognize it as a genuine experience, and find solutions.  Check out this article  

Hi all, Every now and again, I write articles for Autism Parenting Magazine. APM has this article on their blog:  “How to Adult, in 500 words”  at If this interests you or a pal, please pass it along.  If you want to write for APM, let me know and I’ll connect you to the editor.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT, not CBD!! Seriously, you needed to ask??) is a well researched intervention that I often use to help folks with Anxiety.  A contact of mine edits a FREE magazine, Exceptional Needs Today, and asked me to contribute an article on this very topic.  So I did:) Check out my latest article […]

For the past year and a half, we have become hyper focused on ourselves and have interacted with fewer people than ever before. As we re-enter our places of work, education, and social gatherings some extra steps for smooth transition may be required. Here are a few reminders and tips as you emerge from social […]

My friend, Michael John Carley, has forwarded the following links regarding upcoming autism events and resources:   Want to learn what the research says about romantic partnerships where one person is NOT on the spectrum and the other IS?? Be there…Sat Sept 4th Life on the Spectrum presents SEX ED!! on Sept 18th This sounds […]

Kidding.  I didn’t have a vacation, silly!  I worked, and you know that, because you saw me working in the RV, in the rain. And now I’m home. BUT I did get to do a couple of cool things, including: We welcomed a new friend to the office. Dr. Knauf opened her practice this Aug, […]

“There’s not enough time in the day to get everything done. ” Most of us never get to all the items on our to-do lists, with or without the executive functioning (EF) difficulties associated with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Therefore, it’s critical to get the most important things done first!  […]