Making co-existing easier

May is a busy time. In my line of work I get to witness many, many people graduating, transitioning between formal education and life education. As parents run around looking for graduation gifts (yes, that was me, earlier today), I suggest a book that makes cohabiting and co-existing easier. Your family may be welcoming a college student home, or launching a student off to college. Either way, adjustments will be make by all parties.

The Tricky Art of Co-Existing by Sandi Toksvig is a funny-yet-direct means of sparking conversation, conveying expectations, and negotiating the experiences of having roommates/family mates. I have multiple copies of this book floating around town, borrowed by families as they attempt to avoid family therapy or abandoning leases.

Topics in this guide to co-existing include standards around chores, community spaces in the home, hygiene, communication, travel, and more. You will want a copy of this book on your bedside table, coffee table, and possibly your dining table! Avoid therapy, read this book 🙂

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