25% off! Mark your calendars – Black Friday sale!

Our books will be 25% off on Nov 23-26 (Black Friday to Cyber Monday) via our publisher.  (Visit www.TPIshop.com to access the sale.)  As a reminder, we have two books:

  • Raising a Child on the Autism Spectrum: Insights from Parents to Parents.  We have heard that this is a great book for the newly diagnosed families, for extended family, for teachers, and for anyone you are hoping will gain some insight.  This makes a great gift, and dresses up nicely with a packet of tissues:)
  • You’ve Got This! The Journey from Middle School to College as Told by Students on the Autism Spectrum and Their Parents. Our most recent book, with great contributions from students, parents, and professionals. Humor, tears, and lots of practical advice. This book is fantastic for parents, students, teachers, and administrators.  Also pairs nicely with tissues, and sometimes wine.

While I generally loathe the notion of Black Friday sales and instead encouraged people to Go.Outside!, I guess just this once I could encourage you to save money on Black Friday and get some lovely reading material written by folks on the spectrum.  And then you can go outside.  Seriously, mark your calendars as the publisher never offer sales on these books other than pre-orders, and we are well past the pre-order season.

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