Asperger’s Teens

We are running a fun summer group for high school students, renewing my interest in tracking down resources for teens on the spectrum.  A book that has been highly recommended is Asperger’s Teens by Blythe Grossberg.  This very approachable book uses personal quizzes, is very positive, and appears to lead the way toward skill development and maturity in a gentle and direct manner.

Cover of Asperger's Teens (medium)Dr. Grossberg covers academics, socializing, bullying, social media, healthy habits, emotions, and (my favorite!) independence.  Ultimately, our job is to coax our folks toward healthy adulthood with as much independence as possible.  That path to independence starts young (yep, now is good!) and includes financial literacy, self-advocacy, setting your own appointments, managing your own schedule, and knowing who/when to ask for help.  Knowing when/how/who to ask for help is truly the mark of maturity.

A quick note for parents: letting your kids struggle is part of the deal.  It is pretty uncomfortable for students when their parents have nicely tucked them into the bubble wrap for the high school experience and then drop them off at the college residence hall.  Please, let your kiddos struggle, make mistakes, find successes, and keep at it while they still live at home.  You can help, but you don’t have to rescue.  Find the balance J

Any of these chapters can be stand-alone, allowing readers to “choose their own adventure” in terms of skill development.  I can see a family focusing on a chapter of their choice, or a professional running a group of a “chapter a month” type approach.

This is a great book that you will want to have on your bookshelf and revisit regularly!  If you like Dr. Grossberg’s writing style, you might check out her other books, found here.

Happy reading!  If you find other books for my high schoolers, please send the titles along!  Email me here!



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