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Have you ever read a book that seems to unlock the mysteries of the universe? Joshua Muggleton’s book Raising Martians from crash landing to leaving home: how to help a child with Asperger syndrome or high functioning autism provides the answers that my client’s parents are asking (or should be asking!). Muggleton handily explores the intricacies of living on the spectrum, drawing from his own experience and from the experiences of his brothers. He helps us see that folks on the spectrum are sooo varied, and yet so similar!

Muggleton’s book provides forthright advice regarding helping folks on the Autism Spectrum. (He also clarifies that one end of the spectrum is Autism, and the other is Neurotypical, mathematically explaining that this spectrum now encompasses 100% of the population.) He suggests SLOW changes in routines, slow modifications of stimming behaviors, and slow adjustment to new schedules or schools. He provides great examples of mentorship, taking risks, and encouraging outstanding self-care.  While many of the educational examples are UK based, the content of the interventions (proper support will lead to success!) will apply to American readers.

I usually read a book cover to cover before I start recommending it. In this case, I started recommending Muggleton’s book before I hit the 50% mark, and will keep recommending it. Muggleton offers a refreshing voice of insight, skill, and encouragement that any parent or professional can appreciate.

If you and your Aspie would like help, please contact me! I’d be happy to partner with you.

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