Autism Adulthood

My clients, who are awesome, continue to bring me book titles to consider reading.  A few weeks ago one of my young adults brought in Autism Adulthood by Susan Senator.  Wowza.  If you need a compelling narrative to get you motivated to learn the complex systems of adulthood on the spectrum, this is a must read.  Actually, I’d suggest that you start reading this when you kiddo turns 12, not 21.

Autism Adulthood coverPacked with information, Autism Adulthood highlights strategies, success stories, and hard learned lessons.  Ms. Senator is forthright about the amount of energy required, acknowledges her own shortcomings, and gives clear tips about moving forward.  Rather than just focus on her own family’s situation, she has interviewed 30 other families, and provides multiple models for jobs, housing, and accessing services. She serves as a role model (both good and bad, which makes me like her more, because she is imperfect, and thus human/approachable). She is so inspiring that I asked her to please abandon Boston and move to Colorado.  (Odd that she didn’t respond right away…)

Feel inspired, put a plan in place, rest, take action, and keep reading this book.  Happily for us, Ms. Senator has written several books, has a blog, and speaks at events.

Quick note, this is probably a book for parents, despite the title.  My young adult read the title and thought the book would talk to her.  Ends up, if you are capable of reading the book for yourself and putting the plans in action, you are probably not the intended audience.  If you are the raising a person who will need supports, this is the book for you to read as a parent.  (I suggested some other books for the client, not to worry!)

If you have additional suggestions of books you want me to read, let me know!  And if you are an author, send me a copy and I’ll spread the word here in Fort Collins!

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