Dylan Volk Chases Rabbits

About a year ago my friend and I started writing two books about living on the Autism Spectrum.  Since announcing our project, family and friends have been sending us resources, including my latest favorite: newspaper clippings about Dylan Volk and his father, Derek.  My mom was the first person to send information about the Volks, with the newspaper clipping arriving in an actual envelope in the mail.  (I said, “Just send me the link,” and she wisely replied, “Oh, honey, you won’t be able to find it.  I’ll just send it in the mail.”  No joke, I have searched for the link so I can include it here, to no avail!  Thanks for the paper clipping, Mom!)

The Volks live in Maine (as I once did, and as the rest of my family continues to do).  Dylan Volk was diagnosed with Asperger’s when he was 8 years old, and the family has been sharing their story ever since.  The family has written a book, they have a website (chasingtherabbit.org), Dylan has his own YouTube channel, and the family has hit the lecture circuit, educating family and professionals alike with humor and clear examples.  I listened to a portion of a recent presentation and was cracking up while absolutely seeing my clients in Dylan.  Dylan has a great interpersonal style during his presentations, is quite engaging, honest, and funny.  And Dylan has been Chasing the Rabbit of the neurotypical experience, like a greyhound and a plastic rabbit.  (Great title!)

If you need a new resource for information straight from the source, please consider the Volks.  If you are living in Maine, track these guys down and listen to a presentation.  No matter where you live, check out their website and book.

Finally, if you have more resources for me to consider, send them along and I’ll write a blog post.  Creating community through resources is such a great way to contribute!  (And our first book is OUT!  Raising a Child on the Autism Spectrum: Insights from Parents to Parents can be found at http://www.tpishop.com/product/raising-a-child-on-the-autism-spectrum-insights-from-parents-to-parents/)

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