Level Up Your Social Life!

Gamers take notice!  Want to improve your social skills?  Need clear directions regarding how to improve your skills? This is the book for you! Level Up Your Social Life is accessible, practical, and grounded in life experience.  You want this book.  But first, the story of how I found the book is pretty cool, too.

For background: A month or so ago I listened to a webinar about marketing books. (It is my responsibility to market my own books, so I signed up for the webinar, dragged my feet in listening to it for a solid 6 weeks, finally listened with rapt attention, and … made a new friend!).  In any event, Daniel Wendler shared his knowledge about marketing books, and, as luck would have it, Wendler is on the spectrum and wrote awesome books about social skills.  Yay for the small world phenomenon working in our favor once more!

Level Up Your Social Life: The Gamer's Guide To Social Success by [Wendler, Daniel]Ok. Back on task.  Level Up Your Social Life is a perfect slim volume of targeted content.  Wendler consistently explains why a person should learn any given skill, explains how it related to gaming and life, gives multiple challenges and objectives to go with the skill, and then offers yet another bonus round of challenges.  Using his own life story, video games, science, and small, consistent challenges, Wendler offers a clear path to social skill development.  His ideas are both structured and flexible enough to craft your own challenges. The tone is positive, but not blowing sunshine, educational but not ever condescending.  He writes for people with driver’s licenses and jobs (thank you for seeing that adults can build these skills!).  He writes for gamers, and he knows his audience.

You want this book.  You want to read the first chapter, get inspired, and start making your own specific progress in a way that is meaningful to you.  You will feel uncomfortable doing the challenges – Wendler mentions that discomfort directly and suggests the level of discomfort you should anticipate. Practical, positive, and spot on. This book is a game changer.

Using his approach, I now have 2 tasks: setting up the shelf in the office to display his book (the first of many to land on that shelf), and reading the other book he sent, Improve Your Social Skills.   Next time you are in the area, check the office for the (yet to be installed) shelf, and stay tuned for a review of Improve Your Social Skills.


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