Living Well on the Spectrum

Want to know how to live your best life?  Want to manage stress, time, emotions, and access success?  Check out Living Well on the Spectrum by Valerie Gaus. This book, available for only $20-25 is worth far more than the price of admission!

Living Well on the Spectrum is well organized: a section on how the ASD brain differs (sensory, emotionally, etc) and the benefits of these differences, a section on general problem solving, and then specific chapters regarding various places for intervention (home, work, relationships).  Not sure where to start? Dr. Gaus offers a check list for that!  Not sure you how best encode information (verbal, visual, tactile)? Dr. Gaus has a checklist for that, too!  Wondering how close you are in a relationship/friendship? Handy little chart to help you.  Stressed out? Great flow charts and graphics for problem solving.

Overall, Living Well is a book to OWN.  Skip the library on this one: buy it, write in it, flag the charts and graphics, and live well!

Here are some books to put this journey into context:

If you find more books to recommend, please send me an email!


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