Navigating the Special Education System

“Just ask your school to help.” While I love the sentiment (and the optimism) that a family can simply as the school to help their child, it is unfair to think that parents who are new the concept of Special Education supports can just step on to that treadmill and find immediate success.  We have all heard success (and horror) stories about accessing help from schools. What I had yet to find was a reasonable resources to educate parents about the Special Education process.

NavigatingSpecialEdHappily, OAR  has produced yet another outstanding resource for parents navigating the Special Education waters.  If you are considering Special Education services, please download Life Journey through Autism: Navigating the Special Education System for FREE or ask for the bound book/paper copy.

This excellent resource reviews the IDEA Act and then walks readers through an IEP team, terms, goals, assessment, 504 Plans, timelines for services, and advocacy.  The appendices are loaded with handouts, charts, and ideas to survive/thrive in the endless meetings and find success. The next time I have a client family considering Special Education services, I will send them directly to this book for information and support.

I remain in awe of the work that OAR has produced.  In addition to a series of guidebooks, OAR provides funding for research, offers scholarships, and generally spreads accurate information and optimism for families.  Please, visit the OAR website and see what they have created!

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