Raising a child on the autism spectrum: Insights from parents to parents

A new book hits this market this week!  After a year of sleepless nights, Mallory Griffith and I present our first book, Raising a child on the autism spectrum: Insights from parents to parents.

This tender and insightful book includes highly personal narratives from 24 families raising children on the autism spectrum.  Chapters cover the major milestones of the ASD journey: securing a diagnosis, sharing the diagnosis with others and with their children, the good days, the bad days, and predictions regarding where these delightful kids are headed in life.  Mallory and I have shed buckets of tears over certain passages (and still do!), and laughed out loud at other narratives.

If you have a child on the autism spectrum, or a family member, you want a copy of this book.  For me, this book represents multiple strengths: this book is written by parents.  Parents know the drill, and you will see yourselves as you read this book.  Second, the parents wrote in a diverse manner, representing many points of view about raising a child on the spectrum.  Third, this book is readable.  One of the reviewers commented that she could envision sitting on a couch with any of these parents and sharing coffee and an afternoon of laughter and tears.  Another commented that she couldn’t put it down.  Pass an afternoon with these delightful families!

We partnered with TPI Press for publication.  TPI is now taking pre-orders at a discount.  Get your copy today!

If you love the book, please write a review on Amazon or Good Reads, and pass a copy along to your treatment team!  These are the stories of families on the spectrum, written by families on the spectrum.  As such it is so important to Mallory and me that this book gets into the right hands.  Help us do that 🙂


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