Diagnosing up the family tree

Some parents really get their children on the autism spectrum.  They understand the sensory struggles, the social anxiety, the questioning of the rules, the confusion, and the angst.  Sometimes, these are just really in-tune parents…and sometimes the parents understand their children because they, too, are on the spectrum.  If this sounds like you, then you may enjoy Autism Parenting Magazine’s article Diagnosing up the family tree: When you realize YOU might be on the spectrum.

When You Realize You Might Be on the Spectrum

If you feel as though YOU might understand your child in this unique manner, it warrants pause for further consideration.  As a parent, you are the best advocate for your child.  If you both have autism, you really are the best advocate for your child, because you will understand your child in a way that few other adults will be able to. Can you harness this insight, normalize the experiences for your child, and educate others in the environment so that they, too, can better understand your child? Perhaps check out the article about diagnosing up the family tree, and the unique skills that you bring to the party.

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