Local providers with Autism Parenting mag awards

As many of you know, a handful of us write for Autism Parenting Magazine, an online publication intended for parents and providers. We are not compensated for the writing, but we do get that special thrill when our articles are published. The 2020 awards were just announced…and we have news.

For a 2nd year, some of the folks in our writing group received awards!  A huge cheer for

If you are interested in writing for the Autism Parenting Mag, the directions are pretty clear on their site.  I’d also be happy to help you navigate the process.  It is pretty cool to see your name in a magazine.

For those of you slightly intimidated by the process, I remind you: everyone has a story to tell, a tip to share, an insight that can help others.  Even the smallest nugget can make a big difference for someone else.  AND, for my poets, they take poetry!

Congrats to our friends. Be well.


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