New location in 2019

Exciting news!  We are moving to a new location in Fort Collins in 2019!

Image result for picture of a moving truckFirst, a quick thank you for Uncommon in Fort Collins for hosting us these past 16 months.  I really love my office at Uncommon: the morning sunshine, the heating and cooling system actually works (!), and the flex space and the gym were all delightful.  The management was top notch and extremely helpful.  I will be sad to leave this marvelous space.  And yet…

…we have an opportunity to land in an actual office space that will meet our growing needs.  We will open in our new space in Jan 2019.  We will have 4 office spaces instead of 3, and will have space for groups in an actual office (instead of the waiting area). We will have a Resources area for local events and organizations.  And we will have parking in an actual parking lot (like the old days!)

I’ll share the address once all the paperwork has been officially signed in Dec.  I just want to get your brain thinking about a pending change.  Yes, a new office will be different.  Yes, you will need to navigate to a new location. Yes, you will be fine.

I’m sure we will have new groups and events.  You can track the group offerings at where we post our announcements.

Get your brain thinking about being excited about this change.  Change can be good.  Change can be stressful, but it doesn’t need to be stressful. You have time to think about this. And I bet you love the new digs!


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