The Spark Program from Celebrate EDU

The Spark Program is a curriculum designed to teach business and entrepreneurial skills to individuals with developmental disabilities.  (In fact, you MUST have a developmental disability to access the program.)  This online program allows for a self-paced education, and includes the development of a student portfolio.

A recent conversation with one of the founders, Linda Anderson, indicated that the Spark Program benefits everyone, because you will eventually either be running a business, or be employed by a business.

The program content helps individuals understand the fundamentals of business, defining a competitive advantage, defining the market, and understanding revenue and pricing.  Outcome goals include enhanced money management skills, improved problem solving, and better self-advocacy skills.  (Seriously!?  We could ALL benefit from that!!  But when I begged Linda to let me into the program, she was clear that a developmental disability is absolutely required.)

The Spark Program has been used with the Temple Grandin School, and it appears that the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation in Fort Collins, CO is ready to partner with the Spark Program.

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Linda sent me an outstanding handout that I would be happy to forward to you.  Contact me and I’ll send that handout directly to you!!


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