Temple Grandin: Superhero professor

Dr. Temple Grandin makes the news again!  Dr. Grandin makes a point of mingling with her audience members, and helps to shine a light on what it means to live on the Autism Spectrum.  Dr. Grandin serves as an outstanding example of what it means to make a passion into a career, and to influence the world for the better.

We are lucky to live and work in the Fort Collins area, where Dr. Grandin has set an outstanding example of what is possible.  Dr. Grandin is very vocal about individuals living on the Autism Spectrum finding their passion, translating that passion into work, and making a solid contribution to the community. While many people in our community have some working knowledge about ASD, there is still much to be done (more jobs to create, more housing problems to solve, more academic careers to support)!

If you are interested in learning more about Asperger’s or Autism, or learning more about local resources in Fort Collins for people living in the Autism Spectrum, please contact me.  I’d be happy to help you and your family.



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