A Social Story for the Rest of Us

If you know Autism, you know Social Stories by Carol Gray.  She has written more social stories than can be counted, helping people with autism understand the world around them, providing reassurance, and educating folks about how to move forward in life.  (For a quick primer on Carol, see her website https://carolgraysocialstories.com/) Now Carol has written “A social story for the rest of us,” a much awaited story!

This social story is “for the rest of us” – parents, providers, teachers, and loved ones.  This social story reminds us what we know about autism, our role, the role of curiosity and humor.  In the LinkedIn comments section, someone referenced “High Functioning Neurotypicals” as those who are socially curious.  Great turn of phrase, peeps!

Check out Carol’s social story and share as appropriate.





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