Belong: Supportive Housing for YOU

The Belong program is a fantastic resource for neurodivergent Supportive Housing in Fort Collins, CO.

Supportive Housing meets the needs found in that developmental space between living with your parents and living 100% on your own. Typically, living with parents seems to come with a built-in meal plan, easy access to laundry, paid utilities, etc.  At some point, people who live on their own need to learn to engage in a variety of adulting tasks, including paying rent and utilities, grocery shopping, and setting up a social life. This developmental process can seem daunting.  Rather than flailing about, you might consider the Belong program.

The Belong team works with you to identify independent living goals, provides roommate support, and facilitates events in the community. Goals might include meal planning and preparation, getting to class/work on time, getting out of the house and meeting people, or … whatever goals seem right to you!  The staff seems to have a “no question is a bad question” approach, encouraging folks to bring their concerns to them to help lower stress while finding solutions. When I’ve met with the staff, we spend a fair amount of time laughing together, even as we tackle problems.

Belong is a 1 year program that includes a lease in a 4-plex (and 1 roommate, for a total of 8 participants per year) and support from the Center for Community Partnerships, housed in the Occupational Therapy department at CSU. The team is strengths based, realistic, and optimistic. There will be an informational meeting in Feb 2023 to learn more about the program.  When that date is released, I will be sure to share the info.

The Belong team recently received a grant from the Bohemian Foundation and are gearing up for their 3rd year. If you are a neurodivergent adult ages 18-26, looking for supportive housing, this is a great program to consider!

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