Check out this TEDx with Amy Laurent

Our view of appropriate treatment interventions and treatment goals for individuals with ASD has really shifted in the last 20 years.  My clients have heard me wax poetic about my grad school days, when dinosaurs roamed the earth, but honestly, grad school wasn’t that long ago and the changes in our outlook regarding Autism have come such a long, long way.

Don’t believe me?  Maybe check out the TEDx talk by Amy Laurent.  She is captivating in her own right.  As a necessary bonus, she also includes video from individuals with ASD offering their own thoughts about appropriate treatment intervention and goals.

Thank you to Amy for sharing her experiences.  I appreciate that she tracked down some experts on the spectrum to continue to update our thinking.  I’m also glad that she was forthright about her thought process and uncomfortable feelings about various interventions. I’ve been having similar thoughts for years, but only recently started voicing them.  Brave work, Amy! Thanks for going public and thanks to the ASD community for pushing back on the professional community, requiring appropriate interventions!

Thank goodness for these changes, and I look forward to additional changes in our understanding about ASD.  I’ll try to keep up, but if you have good resources, please send them!


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