David Finch featured in the Modern Love podcast

The Autism Resource Fair was scheduled for Sunday April 19thDavid Finch, author of one of my favorite books, The Journal of Best Practices, was supposed to be a participant at this year’s fair, sharing his knowledge of marriage while on the spectrum.  While we can’t host Mr. Finch in Fort Collins this year (thank you, Stay at Home orders; safety first!), we can revel in his success: he was just featured in the New York Times, with Daniel Radcliffe reading his essay.

In lieu of the Resource Fair, I propose the following:


For the final step, you will need to use your imagination.  Imagine yourself at the Museum of Discovery in Fort Collins, in the incredible Dome Theatre.  Imagine that Mr. Finch is speaking to you.  Imagine the questions you might ask him. Then…read Mr. Finch’s chapter in the upcoming book A Spectrum of Solutions for Clients with Autism.  Based on his chapter in that book, it would appear that Mr. Finch has offered advice a number of times, against his better judgement, and taken audience members by surprise.  Since you won’t get to ask your questions this year, perhaps answer your own questions with a witty remark that Mr. Finch might provide, and then ponder what answer you were hoping to hear.  I suspect both answers will be quite enlightening.  A Spectrum of Solutions for Clients with Autism : Treatment for Adolescents and Adults book cover

Enjoy the reading and listening.  Mr. Finch remains one of my favorite writers, and I find his advice to be quite helpful, even if he is sometimes uncomfortable dispensing it.

Finally, thank you, Mr. Finch, for agreeing to share your talents at our Resource Fair. Who knew, when we were putting the fair together, that our daily lives would change so drastically?  I look forward to meeting you in person some day.


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