How I spent my summer vacation

Kidding.  I didn’t have a vacation, silly!  I worked, and you know that, because you saw me working in the RV, in the rain. And now I’m home.

BUT I did get to do a couple of cool things, including:

  • We welcomed a new friend to the office.
    • Dr. Knauf opened her practice this Aug, following her postdoc in San Diego. We first met with Dr. Knauf months ago.  I think we (the crew of us at the office) were supposed to maybe just find some resources for her post post-doc, but…we basically fell in love during that first zoom call and asked (begged? who knows at this point!) her please, please, please open her own practice in our office suite.
    • Dr. Knauf specializes in teen and adults with Anxiety, ASD, ADHD, etc. She is warm, funny, knows all the research, is humble, and wants to learn more.
    • She has openings!!
  • I was asked to contribute to this article about Social Anxiety and ASD
  • We distance-celebrated the first anniversary of our book!
  • We might run a seminar on dating.  We are tinkering with ideas, but perhaps a high school version, and an adult version?  Meet maybe 4 times in 4 weeks, with a different instructor each time??  Like last time??  Thoughts?  If so, please email me and I’ll pass your suggestions along.

Is there other creative programming you want to see from us??  If so, email me and I’ll share with the team:)


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