Raising an Adult

Raising a child is hard enough, until you realize you are supposed to be raising an adult.  Shoot!  Does that actually change anything, though?  Isn’t the end goal a person who can find/revel in happiness, solve problems, ask for help when needed, and, well…adult?

Join us at The Social Learning Project for a 3-part Parenting Workshop: Aiding Your Young Adult’s Independence.  We will discuss common parenting challenges, raising an adult, retiring your advocate role, gently motivating your offspring to take up the advocacy role, and allowing life to continue on that developmental journey.

We will be meeting on Thursdays, Oct 10, 17, and 24, from 6-7 pm.  Drs. Hecker, Colorosa, and Bédard will each host a session.  Space is limited, so please register ($120 for all 3 nights) by contacting Dr. Colorosa at SColorosa@TheEngagementCatalyst.com or calling 970-682-4665.

Just in case you don’t know all three of us, yet, here is a hot tip: Dr. Hecker taught at Purdue for 25 years and is the parent to two 20-somethings.  I feel confident that she has a different view of parenting (and teaching) than I do.  Similarly, Dr. Colorosa has an eye toward employment, thus her ideas about parenting are no doubt influenced by her vision of what employment might look like.

With any luck, this 3-part seminar will create a sense of community, decrease the stress and isolation I know some of you are feeling, perhaps create opportunities for laughter, and impart novel information, perspectives, resources, or problem solving skills.

I believe I am LAST in the lineup, so be sure to have questions and be prepared to be engaged for that last session.  By that third session, you should be able to teach me!


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