Supportive Housing in Fort Collins is here!

In August 2021, the Center for Community Partnerships (CCP) will roll out Belong, a supportive housing opportunity.  Join the virtual audience on March 24th at 6pm to learn more information about the Belong program.  To register, email Rebecca Reinhardt at

Some basics of the program:

  • CCP has secured access to a 4plex, each with 2 bedrooms, for a total of 8 participants
    • If you don’t have a roommate in mind, CCP can help match folks/point you in the right direction, but will not assign a roommate to you.
    • CCP will also be screening potential participants for “readiness” to live in an apartment and build independent living skills
    • Participants will sign a lease with the property management company
    • Participants will sign a contract with CCP to receive OT supports to build independent living skills
  • Participants will be neurodiverse in some manner, ages 18-24. Ideal participants will be in the developmental space between living with family and preparing to live with a roommate, needing some skills and confidence to flourish.
    • Rebecca Reinhardt, an Occupational Therapist with CCP, has created programming to support this developmental aspect and will hosting the March 24th meeting.
  • Bring your questions about supportive housing, Belong, independent living, and more to the March 24th virtual meeting!
    • Learn more about programming, services, costs, and timelines.
    • You don’t need to make decisions on March 24th, but you do want to be prepared to ask questions and take notes.
    • I suspect this program will fill quickly. Mentally prepare.


CCP has a long history of helping people reach their goals, and has been quite helpful to my clients.  I am thrilled that they are launching Belong, a supportive housing program.  Very specifically, we are lucky to get to work with Rebecca Reinhardt.  She is passionate about neurodiverse folks, independent living, and so much more.


See you on March 24th at 6pm in the virtual meeting.


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