The school year ends; time to recognize your successes!

As we wrap up the academic year and head into summer, let’s take a moment for gratitude.  If your schedule is run by the academic calendar, breathe: things are about to change. We can write summer goals! We can savor your success. Maybe gratitude and success first!  Summer goals next post…

  • You made it through the academic year! It wasn’t always easy, there was certainly some struggle, but you made it!  You have better organizational skills, better stress tolerance, and a better handle on your priorities and values.
    • You always knew my values: sleep and eat well, exercise daily, positive social contacts, balance. And some of you tried my values out for yourselves and reported back.  Some of you seriously healthy eating and exercise!  Got it!
  • You asked for help when you needed it! Many of you asked for additional appointments when necessary, sought referrals for additional services, and asked for tutors when you needed academic help.  Great work!  Now time for gratitude for the folks who helped you find success:
    • A huge thank you to OPS at CSU. We have a few students who would not be in school if not for you.  Thank you! Somehow (magic wands?) you get our students through college with their self-esteem intact and their skills bolstered.  And you do that year after year.  What?!  How do you do that?
    • Another huge thank you to The Social Learning Project Crew. You pulled off some amazing things this semester: DATING classes, the resource fair, extra groups and social activities, and consultation with other professionals. Thanks for helping my clients and our Fort Collins Community!  And thanks for the summer programming you have planned.
    • Not to be forgotten: CAYAC!  Some of you asked CAYAC to assist.  First, thank you for actually following through and working with CAYAC, and thank you to the CAYAC staff for sorting out diagnostics, resources, and pathways to success for my clients!
  • You made new friends! Many of you tried new things this academic year: new friendship skills, new social activities, and even dating! Continuing to challenge yourself is vital.  Great work!
  • Some of you got jobs! It was hard, you didn’t love interviewing or adjusting to change, and yet you persevered.  Way to be there!

Again with the breathing.  Great job this academic year!  Savor your successes.  Maybe even write your own list of successes.  Reflect on this academic year.  Things are not the same as they were in the fall.  You made progress.  You will continue to make progress.  Hey, maybe that is a nice segue to goals!

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