The Social Learning Project

We have banded together to provide a new set of resources for you!

New Website

This summer we launched a new website,  The intention of the website is to help families in Fort Collins find the Autism/social skills related services they need, and that we are currently offering.  (Remember when we had all those fliers on our coffee table?!  Now you can see those fliers online, while sitting in the pickup line at school, or while sitting on your couch with a glass of … water!)

Click on the links to learn about:

  • High school groups
  • Groups for girls
  • Cooking classes for middle school students
  • Groups for partnership with an adult with ASD (married to an Aspie? Civil union? Loving someone on the spectrum…this group is for you!)
  • Lego group
  • Young Adult Game night!
  • Autism Art Show in OCT

More ideas for programming?  Let one of us know!


Facebook and other social media

Emily Daniels has established a closed Facebook group for families with Autism.  She also hosts regular in-person meetings for parents to connect.

Mallory Griffith runs our social media related to our two books: @TheAspieBooks and #TheAspieBooks.  Our books can also be found on amazon: Raising a Child on the Autism Spectrum & You’ve Got this: the Journey from Middle School to College


Autism Parenting Magazine

Our group will be contributing an article or two a month to Autism Parenting Magazine.  An article about DATING is already out, with additional articles pending related to the impact of executive functioning on conversation, reducing parental stress, and more!  Watch for us in the magazine, or try to connect with the mag via LinkedIn or other social outlets.


What more do you want?!

Our programming is limited only by our creativity (and our schedules).  What types of programming would you like to see us roll out on your behalf?  Let us know what you need, and we can try to either direct you to current programming, or create the programming in house. We are here for you!

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