Freedom! You are ready to move out! You can watch tv whenever you want, eat what you want, sleep in!  Yes! Also, you get to pay bills, get yourself to school or work on time, and figure out a schedule that works for you.  Learning the skills you need in adulthood probably starts earlier than you think! One of the skills you will need is self-knowledge, quickly followed by self-advocacy.  Let’s start with self-knowledge.

Self-knowledge is an all-encompassing topic that will require constant updating. We will touch on a few of those topics here.

  • What are your personal habits?
    • What do you like to eat?
    • What do you like to watch on tv?
    • How do you like to spend your time?
    • What is the right amount of social contact for you?
    • How much sleep do you need? When do you prefer to sleep?
  • What are your personal strengths?*
    • What tasks in life are easy for you?
    • What tasks naturally attract you?
    • What tasks in life seem to bring you energy?
  • What are your personal weaknesses?*
    • What tasks do you dread?
    • What sucks the energy from you?
  • To whom do you turn for support?
    • How do you ask, and when?
    • How do you accept help, or offer help?


* Strengths/weaknesses that may be applicable include

  • Time management
  • Creating/updating a schedule
  • Holding yourself accountable
  • Helping others, asking for help, accepting help
  • Making good food/sleep/exercise choices
  • Knowing when chores need to be done
  • Knowing when to schedule a medical appointment
  • Paying bills
  • Knowing when to look for a new place to rent
  • Driving yourself places
  • Making new friends
  • Setting boundaries


The interesting thing about self-knowledge is that it keeps changing.  Your passion as a child may not be your passion as an adult.  The chores you dreaded as a child may be fulfilling as an adult. You get to keep checking in with yourself to see what has changed, and what personality traits or behaviors have remained stable. Once you have a sense of self-knowledge, we can work on self-advocacy.  Check back next week for self-advocacy ideas.

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